English RoseReacties

Na afloop van diverse taaltrainingen kreeg ik van diverse cursisten positieve reacties over de gevolgde Engelse taaltraning bij English Rose. Hier een klein overzicht:

"Hi Linda, I LOVED your lessons! Too bad I was not able to do more lessons."

Claudia, Q&A staff

"Thanks Linda for doing the most impossible things to improve our English."

Jeroen, Human Resources Manager

"It’s a miracle you survived the lessons. Thanks a million."

Thomas, System Administrator

"I enjoyed your English lessons. You are very funny and very experienced teacher – that counts."

Agata, Receptionist

"Hi Linda, thanks for the lessons. It was fun and informative."

Wilma, Lunch Assistant

"Thanks for all the lessons. You did great and I realised to spend more time on learning and my homework."

Henk, Managing Director

"Was fun coming to your lessons. Don’t regret a moment coming."

Ludovic, QA Engineer

"Many thanks for all the useful and joyful lessons!!"

Mark, Software Engineer